Mobility and transport

We manufacture wide range of components for the mobility sector thanks to the aluminium casting

Since its beginning, MONFORT has always been involved in projects for the mobility & transport manufacturing parts and components for this sector.

This sector is one of the most important industries at a national and international level. Currently, it is in a process of transformation and adaptation towards the electrification of vehicles, a factor that has accelerated the development of new parts.

Monfort is specialized in the production of components for means of transport, mobility and infrastructure

These must comply with strict safety regulations, as well as follow the established quality standards. Monfort performs rigorous quality controls during the entire manufacturing process of the parts, taking also into account every detail of the finishes of the manufactured components.

In this way, we participate in the manufacture of components for:

  • Motorcycles
    We manufacture all sort of components for the motorcycle sector, from the running gear to various engine components.
  • Tractors
    Regarding agricultural machinery, Fundiciones Monfort manufactures engine parts and other auxiliaries.
  • Railway
    We manufacture components for rolling stock, track infrastructures and rail vehicle interiors.
  • Chairlifts
    One of the most important parts of the chairlifts manufactured by Fundiciones Monfort is its propulsion system.
  • Moving walkways
    Components for moving walkways in airports, train stations, commercial and public spaces.

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