Your reliable partner in aluminium casting

Offering solutions for the manufacture of aluminium parts since 1941.

Monfort is one of the leading companies in the European market for products made from cast aluminium.

Our long history has allowed us to grow and evolve to stay at the forefront of foundry technology.

Monfort’s team more than 100 employees is focused on turning our customers needs and projects into a reality.



Experience, personalization, quality and commitment to customer service

We offer a wide range of solutions; from components for machinery, construction tools or lighting equipment to outdoor and indoor furniture, components for alimentary machinery, mobility or the energy sector, always complying with quality standards.

Monfort’s philosophy is based on a commitment to the environment. The facilities are designed to reinforce our commitment to corporate responsibility, the reduction of CO 2 emissions and the circular economy. In the same way, a wide range of solar panels helps the self-sufficiency in a sustainable way.


At Monfort we believe that innovation and technology are the only way to remain competitive and efficient. We are deeply convinced that the best innovation is learning, training at all levels of our organization is the key to our success.

We continue to evolve to find the latest and optimal solutions in all phases of our production processes. In this respect, Monfort began a decade ago a close f collaboration process with universities and research centres in materials technology.

Aluminium Die Casting (HPDC)

Monfort specializes in aluminium die casting. The electronic control using this technique allows us to guarantee excellent quality in the finishing of our projects.

The aluminium is melted in the oven and injected into the designed mold. This manufacturing process makes it possible to obtain thinner and more complex pieces, without sacrificing a high degree of resistance.


Aluminum Gravity Casting (GDC)

Casting pieces in gravity is synonymous with Monfort. For this, we use the knowledge acquired during our long history to offer a product with optimum quality and finish.

Through this sort of casting, the aluminium is poured by gravity (colloquially called chill casting) from a ladle into the mold with which to manufacture small to large parts.


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