Experts in the manufacture of aluminium parts.

Aluminium products from 10 grs to 100 kgs.

Monfort offers our customers a complete collaboration and support in the process of defining and solving part projects, taking responsibility for all the production stages: mould manufacturing, casting, surface finishes and delivery to the customer.

Our technical office is provided with 2D and 3D design programs for parts project development, moulds, dies and any other required tool.

Our knowledge and acquired experience allow us to manufacture pieces of high technical difficulty, as well as pieces of high weight and large dimensions, guaranteeing an excellent surface finish.


Monfort’s engineering team is in charge of the preliminary work for the production of the project, creating with advanced design programs the parts that will be manufactured according to the required specifications.

During this stage it is vital to understand the requirements and specifications required by the project. For this purpose, customers are provided with Monfort’s support by an analysis of the feasibility of their idea in terms of economics, design and production.

Once the study is completed, the necessary changes are applied to adjust the project to meet the customer’s expectations and needs.

On the other hand, we also accept that the client provides us with a previous design so that we can directly take care of the manufacture of the mold.


Moulds for aluminium casting

In our own workshop of 1.000m 2 , we have CNC machinery for the manufacture of molds, casting cutting dies and tooling. We have 6 numerical control centres, one of them with 5 axes. We also have wire and die sinking EDM machines as well as an setting press that ensures that the molds close perfectly before being mounted on the casting machines.

For the manufacture of the molds, Monfort uses the best materials from first class European suppliers. The manufacture of these molds allows us to comply with the established timings, the flexibility of modifications requested by the customer and the repair and maintenance of the same in an agile and precise way.


Aluminium casting

Monfort’s raw material is bought only from the best European suppliers of both first melting and recycled aluminium. For each part, we use the composition prescribed by the customer, so Monfort is able to cast in each machine with a different alloy.

We have wide variety of robots that automate production processes in gravity casting, die casting and surface finishing. All robotization allows us to increase the productivity, efficiency, and quality of our products.

Depending on the characteristics of the project, we choose which method will be used for the manufacture of parts; high pressure casting (HPDC) or gravity casting (GDC).


Aluminium Die Casting HPDC

Die casting, also known as High Pressure Die Casting, is a manufacturing process in which liquid aluminium is injected under pressure into the steel mould.

This process has significant advantages over other types of casting. The most notable are:

  • A notable saving in production cost
  • The ability to create projects with complex shapes
  • Faster production cycles than gravity casting
  • Die castings are distinguished by a very good surface finish and dimensional consistency
  • Reduced weight of the parts, due to the fact that thickness can be smaller.

Aluminium Gravity Casting GDC

Gravity casting is characterized by being a semi-automatic process. At Monfort, we have automated the process of pouring the metal, cutting the castings and finally the surface finishing with band tape by means of robots.

Among the most outstanding advantages of gravity casting we find:

  • Savings, as it uses a permanent steel mold of great durability and repeatability.
  • The resulting parts are highly resistant and have an excellent surface finish.
  • Gravity manufacturing allows the use of alloys with subsequent anodizing treatment.
  • The GDC facilitates the manufacture of parts with sand cores, thus allowing parts of complex geometries to be obtained.

Machining and finishing

Monfort has a wide variety of CNC machinery, which ensures a precision machining process, to meet the quality required of the projects.

Other stages of finishing that we perform internally are:

  • Shotblasting: by means of the impact of stainless-steel balls, it forms an homogeneous and shiny aspect of the part.
  • Polishing: it is possible to obtain a part with mirror finish, by means of manual or automatic polishing machining.
  • Deburring: the deburring process is essential for the parts to achieve with the desired aesthetic line.
  • Anodizing: This process is specially designed for parts that end up being exposed outdoors, in contact with food or to avoid corrosion.


At Monfort, parts are delivered with a packaging adapted to the needs of our customers, thus guaranteeing that they are received in the best possible conditions.

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