Fundiciones Monfort, experts in aluminium casting for a wide variety of sectors

We have extensive experience since our beginnings in the development of projects for the industrial sector.

Monfort participates and collaborates in the manufacture of parts for industrial sectors. Starting from an initial study, a comprehensive and tailored solution is proposed, from a conceptual design phase to the delivery of the finished product.

Aluminium casting projects

At Monfort we are capable of manufacturing large-sized parts, with complex designs and high levels of surface finishes.

Some of our successes are:

  • Machinery for the food industry
    With special aluminium and magnesium alloys, some chemical elements of the food regulations are restricted. Parts have to be anodized to more demanding thickness levels.
  • Structural components
    Other projects include building facade panels, which must meet high demands such corrosion resistance and structural integrity.
  • Industrial washing machines
    Monfort also has experience in the manufacture of internal mechanism components and external parts for industrial washing machines, where the final finish of the parts is among the most demanding in the market.
  • Ventilation
    Monfort also manufactures ventilation system elements for buildings, tunnels and other spaces that require the conduction of gaseous fluids.

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